Exploring water as part of our heritage

Cultures and societies are shaped by their relationship with water, and this is explored in a series of seminars from different perspectives. Water and Heritage: Connecting Past, Present and Future will be the overarching theme with experiences from indigenous groups, artists, researchers, youth, environmental organizations and many others.

“Water and Heritage: Connecting Past, Present and Future – Dialogue Among Water, Culture, and Heritage Professionals” is the first event on the topic and is held on 20 March. The full-day activity will bring together a diverse group of participants. Indigenous peoples and community-based organizations have been invited to share their insights, together with environmental and conservation groups, historical and cultural organizations, women’s and gender organizations, youth organizations and researchers. Interdisciplinary groups will discuss concepts, methodologies, and case studies.

Next, the Water, Youth and Heritage Dialogue on 21 March will combine art, activism, and young professionals. During a half-day, participants will discuss with the aim of formulating a youth statement. Later the same day, a Water Angel ceremony is held in Central Park, hosted by Central Park Conservancy to celebrate the tangible and intangible value of water on the eve of World Water Day. The event will shine a light on the enduring significance of  water-related cultural heritage around the world but also recognize New York City’s 180+ year history of managing water and water related  heritage, stretching from 1842 when the Old Croton Aqueduct was inaugurated until today.

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