The Anti-Hackathon for social innovation

The UK non-profit Design for Good has teamed up with development organizations and NGOs to solve water challenges. On 23 March they will showcase their work-in-progress tackling the sub-topics of SDG 6 on water and sanitation.

In an online event on 23 March, Design for Good will talk about their approach to innovation for water. Established in 2022, Design for Good brings together designers from around the world with a shared goal of improving lives through human-centered design. Focus is on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, and they decided to start with SDG 6 on water and sanitation.

Working closely with development organizations and NGOs, 600 designers are looking into solutions to common problems related to all the sub-topics of SDG 6. When the first cycle of the initiative concludes in June, there should be more than 50 viable projects. These should be made available to impacted communities, open-source and license-free. The most promising solutions will receive additional funding so that they can be scaled up.

The founding alliance behind Design for Good includes some of the world’s most well-known companies and it has joined forces with a range of development organizations and NGOs from the water and sanitation field. Jack Sim from the World Toilet Organization will offer closing remarks.

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