Rivers, Deltas and Estuaries Day #3: Combining interdisciplinary expertise to solve water challenges

(source: Port City Futures)

Attention all water enthusiasts, policymakers, students, and stakeholders! Get ready to dive into the deep end of the water management pool because the United Nations of Rivers, Deltas, and Estuaries is making waves at the New York Water Week on March 19, 2023. This event is hosted by the interdisciplinary research center Port City Futures, who are taking on the urgent and complex challenges facing the world's most critical ecosystems.

The theme of this event is nothing short of epic: rivers, deltas, and coasts, which are at the heart of our planet's ecological health. The aim is to gather the brightest minds from around the world to discuss the daunting obstacles facing these vital waterways and develop innovative solutions to address them. It's an exciting and essential event that will address the impacts of climate change, urbanization, and the urgent need for resilience in these areas.

Are you ready to be immersed in stimulating panel discussions and presentations? Then this event is for you! You'll hear from the leading experts in water management, urban planning, ecology, biology history and even more fields. The aim is to start the construction of a shared toolkit of methodologies and approaches to tackle water related challenges. The conversation will be based on the audio-video material created by the core partners through Water Walks along several water basins all over the world. All of this will take place in front of an audience of students and water practitioners, and you can be a part of this ensemble!

The United Nations of Rivers, Deltas, and Estuaries Day #3 is open to anyone who is passionate about the future of our planet's waterways. It's an opportunity to be part of a global movement of people who are committed to ensuring the ecological health of our planet's most critical ecosystems. As the name implies, this event is part of a series of events, so be sure to check the others out in our event program.

Overall, this event promises to be an engaging and informative experience for anyone concerned about the future of rivers, deltas, and coasts. With its focus on collaboration and innovation, the event aims to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing effort to manage these critical ecosystems and ensure their long-term health and sustainability.

Be sure to participate, and register your interest here!