The Water House has opened! Here’s what will take place there

Yesterday marked the festive opening of the NYWW Water House! This kick-off was accompanied by traditional Tajik musicians, as well as a water blessing from Grandmother Clara Soaring Hawk, Ambassador Ramapo Lenape Nation NY/NJ Deer Clan. This location will serve as a center for about 30 of our events over the following days. Wondering what will take place here? Look no further than this article, where we will pick out some of the highlights of the Water house program for you. For the full program, visit the Water House event page.

Grandmother Clara Soaring Hawk


Every day in the Water House will start off with Youth Briefings, which is an opportunity for young delegates from all over the world to connect, mingle and share experiences. This is a brief, informal start to your day and it is open to 100 participants. However, the deadline for registration is 48 hours prior to the start, so make sure to sign up for Friday's session if you are interested!

Following immediately after the briefings, is an event titled 'From Pledge to Practice'. The UN Water Conference will deliver us a Water Action Agenda full of commitments. Many of these commitments are essential to ensure a water-secure future. However, the question remains how these pledges will be transformed into reality. During this event, we will present the Pledge to Practice Roadmap to ensure the implementation of these commitments. This Roadmap includes a series of guidelines that address the key implementation challenges with practical recommendations and pathways, supported by evidence, knowledge and best practices from the field.

Full program for the Water House on Wednesday


The program on Thursday is filled with exciting events, including but not limited to networking opportunities, educational seminars and visual storytelling. While many events deserve a mention, we would like to dedicate some attention to the 'Journey of Water: from Source to Sea', during which the fascinating story of New York's water sources in the Catskill Mountains will enlighten you about the way nature provides us with clean water. This story will be shared with you by none other than Mina Guli, CEO of Thirst Foundation who will have just finished her 200th marathon in a year time, along with speakers such as Jeff Opperman, Lead Freshwater Scientist of the WWF.

Full program of the Water House on Thursday


The last day of the Water house is certainly not the least! While it is of course a pity that the Water House must end as soon as it began, we will bid the New York Water Week farewell with The DropStore: a sneak peek into a world rife with water insecurity, where small pieces of fish will cost you an arm and a leg.

Full program of the Water House on Friday

While many of the events in the Water House are not open to the public, make sure to check out our full event program here. There are only three days of activities left for you to participate in, so don't hesitate any longer and sign up to a New York Water Week event!