New App Puts History of New York Water at Your Fingertips

Learning about New York’s history and local water projects has gone digital. The Together We Walk app made for New York Water Week provides an easy and convenient way to walk the city and receive an education on coastal resilience projects, the history of Manhattan, and more. 

The app, created by several organizations including Arcadis, UNhabitat, and the Dutch ministry, not only provides highlights on water engineering in Manhattan, but also helps with navigation along the route. Every point of interest is highlighted and provides visitors with extra information on the water structure, history, or community engagement.

Among the sites that are on the app are:

NY Water Week Event Location – Home to nearly 50 events centered on solving the water crisis.

UN Headquarters – The location for the UN Water Conference, the first in nearly 50 years.

Walk of Water: An Intergenerational Journey – A photo exhibition at the UN headquarters

The Morgan Library – A historical location that served as the host of the Water Innovation & Business event.

Asser Levy Playground – A key location of the Big U project, a protective system around the southern half of Manhattan

App users can also listen to the story of the East Side of Manhattan, take a close look at the East River through visuals on the app, and even provides details on taking a ferry ride along Manhattan for a different perspective on water.

You can download the app here.