Explore New York City like never before with the Urban Park Rangers!

New York City will be brimming with activity from March 18th to 24th. Looking for a more active way to spend your time in the city? Why not discover it in an entirely new way with the NYC Urban Park Rangers? This article highlights three exciting excursions you can join during New York Water Week.

The Highbridge Water Tower

The first activity offered by the Urban Park Rangers, is a visit to the historic Highbridge Water Tower in Upper Manhattan’s Highbridge Park. This Saturday the 18th of March, the Rangers will take you on a tour inside the tower and teach you about the history of New York’s water supply. As an added bonus, you will get to enjoy a scenic view of you surroundings from the tower. Registration is not required to take part in these activities, so feel free to visit between 1 – 2.45 PM. Learn more about this excursion here.

The view from the Highbridge Water Tower (source: NYC Urban Park Rangers)

Seal exploration hike

Are you more interested in the kinds of wildlife you can find in and around NYC? Give new meaning to the term urban jungle and join the Rangers on a hike to the best spots around town to observe the city’s seals. Now is an excellent time to spot the adorable creatures along the shores of Staten Island. To find out more about this trip, visit the event page here.

An adorable seal (source: NYC Urban Park Rangers)

Vernal Pools

The last trip offered to you by the Urban Park Rangers takes you to the vernal pools of the Alley Pond Park in Queens. Vernal pools are seasonal wetlands that are home to many distinct plants and animals. Rangers will talk about what kinds of amphibians can be found here, their life cycles, and how the geological history of Long Island has contributed to the formation of these unique habitats. Interested? Learn more about this excursion here.

Alley Pond Park (source: NYC Urban Park Rangers)

As you can see, there is more than enough exploring to do around the city of New York. Also be sure to check out our complete event program to find the many inspiring and educational events the New York Water Week has to offer. We hope to see you soon, and let’s make some waves for water together!