Everything You Need to Know About The New York Water Week

New York Water Week will take place on 18-24 March with lots of exciting events created by artists, organizations, and businesses to explore and celebrate water. Here is everything you need to know to follow New York Water Week, in person or online.

What is the New York Water Week?

The New York Water Week is an event platform for anyone interested in water. It takes place from 18-24 March in the City of New York, but many activities can also be followed online or elsewhere in the world.

What is special about the Week, is that it consists of many different activities organized by a broad range of NGOs, businesses, grassroot groups, artists, and creatives from all over the world. Expect a week full of inspiration in the form of debates, films, workshops, photos, high-level discussions and much more. Anyone can apply to host an event, for free. Learn more here.

Where does it take place?

New York Water Week consists of multiple events at many different venues, you find all the locations in the program. Many activities can be found in the Water House, on 666 Third Avenue but there will be things happening all over the city.  

There are also online events, which are hosted on different platforms. Check the program to find out more.

Why should I attend the New York Water Week?

First of all, it’s fun!

The program consists of an inspiring variety of perspectives on water, with a chance to explore historic New York sites and discover the city’s unknown biological diversity. At the same time, you learn about new ways to manage water and how this can help us address challenges like the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, inequality, and conflict.

Why is the New York Water Week happening now?

Though New York Water Week is an independent event, organized by the Government of the Netherlands and the City of New York, it aims to support the historic UN 2023 Water Conference on 22-24 March. The United Nations is organizing the conference to help countries address the growing water crisis and fast-track progress on water-related goals, for example related to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  But this cannot be achieved by governments alone.

At New York Water Week we explore the role of individuals, cities, and companies. Hopefully many of the events during the Week will result in commitments to the Water Action Agenda where different stakeholders can register game-changing commitments that could help us achieve important water goals.

What are the themes of the Week?

The diverse programme of New York Water Week is organized around three different themes:

  • Water Innovation and Businesses.
  • Youth and Education.
  • Resilient Cities.