CDP seeks to change the economy of water

How can companies and financial institutions contribute to water action? CDP will explore this in multiple ways during the UN 2023 Water Conference and at New York Water Week, starting with an evening of inspiration.

Under the irresistible motto “If you want to change the world, you have to throw a better party than those destroying it”, the CDP is inviting New York Water Week participants to an evening of inspiration and recognition on 21 March.

The event will feature inspirational speakers like the environmental activist Faatiya Aayat.

The New York Water Week plays an important role as a meeting place not just for governments but also for private sector, local communities and civil society. In the lead-up to the UN 2023 Water Conference companies and financial institutions have expressed that water security is important to them and that they want to contribute.

One notable example was when 31 investors, managing $1.7tn in assets, issued an Open Letter to Governments on the Water Crisis. “The global water crisis is a systematic financial risk to nearly all economies and the climate crisis multiplies these threats,” the letter states, describing the UN conference as a “unique opportunity to tackle the crisis head-on”.

CDP is a leading champion of this approach with multiple activities planned for the coming week, which you can learn more about here.

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