80+ films screened at the World Water Film Festival

Film buffs should not miss the World Water Film Festival on 19 March with powerful stories from around the world. In addition to more than 80 films, the event will feature workshops, guest speakers, a photo exhibition and a special “Women in Water Energy & Film” summit.

Hosted at the Columbia Climate School’s Water Center, the World Water Film Festival (WWFF) will be part of the New York Water Week program on 19 March. The Festival is a full-day event with a mix of different activities for all ages. Focus is on uplifting stories about the human-water relationship.

The non-profit World Water Film Festival aims to combine art with activism, bringing together film makers, activists, and the general public. "News coverage alone won't inspire change on the global water crisis; it is creatives who will save the day,” said the festival’s founder film maker and water advocate Robert Strand.

The films presented during New York Water Week are produced by water advocates from around the world in many different formats, from documentary to animation, experimental and narrative. Anyone curious about topics like groundwater or water footprints should check out the programme in the “Water Advocacy & Community Theater”, while the “Creativity, Animation and Kids Theater” features more experimental water stories for a young audience. But both theaters will let you meet inspiring people who really make a difference.

"The World Water Film Festival is a new way to see first-hand the challenges facing the world's water supply," said Upmanu Lall, an engineering professor and director of the Columbia Climate School's Water Center. "It might help us generate solutions to our global water problems."

There is also a photo exhibition, guest speakers, a water sommelier and three interesting workshops: “Women in Water, Energy and Film”, “Filmmaker Masterclass – how to break into the Educational Distribution Network” and “The Power of Storytelling – How to Influence Policy and Change”.

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